Love & Death - An Introspective journey in the human mind

The enigmatic theme to our programme 'Love and Death', reveals how revered composers explored two of our greatest unknowns coming face to face in an eclectic array of circumstances:

The seductive courting of the matador before a final paso doble with the bull, a bouquet of mourning flowers written overnight for a deceased friend, intoxicated love leading to an atrocious murder and finally, Death as a lover and a saviour from the pain of his suffering bride.

Although these masterpieces differ greatly, one can question whether it is the very nature of the two unknowns which confers a common thread of immortality.

Turina: "La Oracion del Torero"  op. 34 
Kurtag:  Ligatura Y 
Puccini: ‘Crisantemi’
Kurtag: Ligatura - Messages to Frances-Marie 
Janacek: Strijkkwartet Nr.1 “Kreutzer Sonate” Kurtag: Arioso 
Schubert: Tot und das Mädchen