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After the audition to find information beats by dre studio is also very important, as is learning a lot of theoretical things but did not do the same experiment, just look at the literature and practical experience is very different. There are three objectives to audition, a look at the pictures and seems to be not intuitive sense to me, like, two years, to hear the sound how, three years, how to try to wear (studio and on the very same solo hd , do not wear certainly do not feel it).


I take monster beats to listen (Model: sv-mp21v, maximum output power 4.5w +4.5 w, 16 Euro). To be sure, so that the driving force is a good effect. But I think that carries it is also quite appropriate comparison, because the one, 4.5w just cd walkman now almost the lowest output capability, you can make a comparison standard. Secondly, even if my tone is better, but who knows the store how long it using headphones? Not burn off, then listen then fine no real significance. Third, based on the second, the key is how to pick headphones subjective feelings are not suitable for you, because if just to get a headset to listen to it very offensive, since it is impossible to discuss further how to burn your favorite. So, listening, too, do not care too much, just a directional selection.

First dr dre headphones store experience. After listening only to find that the difference between the headset and I had imagined could ever so much!!! Firstly, the impetus on. Sound on the ceiling, and still feel like the power is not enough. And like the HD447, PX200 promote such a machine is not difficult. It told me to completely abandon the headset up. Secondly, I am also really despise small headphones up. Told me to spend a few hundred to buy a circle like px200, px100 such a small thing, not to mention how the sound quality from the psychologically justified. Or the beginning of that sentence, I really do not like small headphones. Third, bass differ very much, even with a series. For example px200 basically no bass, while many px100 is strong. Of course, I understand that this certainly is a different optimization of a certain area. As another example, 447 to more than 497 bass effect. Fourth, comfort is also completely different, wearing only really have experience. You see sr60 pictures certainly uncomfortable wearing it. Jars, there are very many people speak, Studio Series headphones really comfortable wearing (at least not call it comfortable, and most people say to wear one hour after not quite right). But I came to Zhongshan Electronic City found the time to try them, SR wearing headphones I was not uncomfortable! Now buy back, wearing a least 10 hours of continuous there three hours or more. To be honest, a long time, was not particularly feel better, ears a little buzz. But, more than that I've been good headphones on a lot, at least just put the time, I still feel very comfortable. And in two hours is definitely not uncomfortable. Perhaps I did not particularly comfortable to wear headphones over it. But from what I listen to so many headphones look, at the first try them, Mix comfort definitely belong to the middle and upper.

Store experience from monster beats out the audition, I think I want to basically reached the requirements, eliminated some unqualified things, also confirms my heart sr series, absolutely appealing to me. I came back and decided to check some posts again, then that is money and enjoy ......

dr dre headphones
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